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You need a comprehensive plan with time lines, sales strategy and wide spread communication channels. We have the components of a successful marketing and development plan ready for you.

We Understand

We understand the long-term value of every transaction, large or small. We will negotiate on your behalf the most effective contracts. We handle Hospitality, Commercial Management, Retail & office, Industrial, Land, Investment Consulting and Business Brokering.

Creating Your Vision

We have the competitive advantages that we bring to the table on each and every project. Need Investment Consulting? We specialize in identifying and creating investment opportunities for you. We build your portfolio above the crowd.

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Creating, Buying and Selling Commercial

Just a few of the many services we offer.



We will negotiate on your behalf for the most effective lease contracts or purchase agreements. We have top-notch expertise and data on hand to verify and validate the market analytics to help guide your office transaction.



Whether representing specific or multiple markets we meet every client's unique needs. No request is too large or complex. We outperform competitors in volume and client satisfaction.

Business Brokerage

Business Brokerage

The purchase or sale of a business requires specialized knowledge and expertise that goes well beyond traditional Brokerage. We cover everything from the sale of a single Deli to a complex multi-location business asset transaction.



We thoroughly understand the hospitality industry and its unique needs. We specialize in the acquisition and disposition of hospitality assets, including hotels, motels and other unique lodging businesses. We will maximize your investment in the hospitality industry.



We take into account the unique facets of industrial – R&D, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution and assembly – we are able to find and negotiate the best value for industrial acquisitions. We handle all the various industrial and warehouse needs for private industry, municipalities and government services.



Land investments are some of the most important decisions you will make in building your business — and the first, best decision is adding us to your team. They have the tools, knowledge and skills to raise your business to new heights and your portfolio about the crowd.

You Have the Vision, We Have The Team

I am part of a dynamic Commercial Real Estate Division. whether representing specific or multiple markets we meet every clients' unique needs.  We are unlike any other Commercial Division with our concierge of services. We build your portfolio above the crowd!

1. Your Concept

Have a concept and not quite sure how to proceed? We can handle your project from Concept to Creation.

2. Planning

We have the resources and talent to handle your project in all phases!

3. Strategy

We have the winning strategy for your project from start to finish.

4. Teamwork

At FHRM we have a dynamic Commercial Real Estate Division.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

We are a dynamic Commercial Consulting Real Estate division. Whether representing specific or multiple markets we meet every client's unique needs.

We bring you effective Commercial solutions

With an extensive background with more than 12 years in Marketing, Branding and Advertising. Her expertise spans various business development, acquisitions, public relations, sales, sponsorship procurement, contract negotiations and media relations. She has a proved track record of creating and implementing sales with some of the leading Fortune 500 companies by capturing new business opportunities, driving profitability and forging solid client/business relationships.

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